The Over Amplified Blues
                     Lyrics and Music by Kaila Rochelle

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Respect your neighbors
Care about their rights
Keep the volume low enough
So they can sleep at night

Respect your neighbors
They have much to do
Reading, studying and resting
They need their own space too!

Respect your neighbors
Let them live their life
Blasting music way too loud
Will only create strife

Respect your neighbors
Care about their health
Those who wear a pacemaker
Can't take that amplified belt

Respect the music
Blasting way too loud
Produces distorted tones and notes
A thunderous music cloud

Eventually will deafen you
Then will you be so proud
that you did this to your self?
Respect the music
Respect your self

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listening to music too loudly (including music
through headphones), visit the following web sites;


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