Mythical Musical Moment
           An Improvisation by Kaila Rochelle in a Celtic Style

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"A Mythical Musical Moment" is performed on the white keys of the piano. In contrast, an improvisation can also be played on the black keys. When playing on the black keys of the piano, the distinct sound of a Pentatonic Scale is heard.

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It is wonderful when students with quadriplegia move their fists (with whatever ability they have) over the white keys on a light weight casio during "A Mythical Musical Moment" as part of an improvisation.


The most important note in this improvisation is the note D.
It is the main note around which the improvisation is created.

The scale sound played on white keys of the piano starting on the note D
is called the D dorian mode. The notes are:  d, e, f, g, a, b, c, d.

Singing and scatting in the dorian mode to this improvisation is also a great
way to improvise.

Have a student play repeated D's on a beautiful bell.

1. Do you hear a repeated rhythmic pattern?

2. Do you think the music matches the pictures? Why?