Kaila Rochelle's
Fantasia Baetica
Workshop Lesson

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  Fantasia Baetica OldBlackGrand vsti Fantasia Baetica Steinway Acoustic  
   Kaila's Fantasia Baetica Performances (A.S. OldBlackGrand vsti and Steinway Acoustic)

    "Provinicia Baetica was the old Roman name for Andalusia and so a translation of the title might be "Andalusian Fantasy."
Although the materials used are original with Falla, they strongly evoke the folk music of southern Spain:
    the strident,  somber cante jondo sung in oriental-sounding scales, chords derived from guitar tunings, and a harsh
    percussive quality reminiscent of castanets and heel stamping

                                                                                    - Professor Paul Jacobs


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Fantasia Baetica References:

Manuel de Falla:

Flamenco Music:

Flamenco Guitar:

         Kaila's "de Falla Intermezzo Folk Song VIdeo" web page.

         Kaila's "de Falla Intermezzo Folk Song" web page.

         A folk song arrangement of the Intermezzo from the
         "Fantasia Baetica."


  Flamenco and Spanish Dance Group Class Demonstration
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  Other Spanish Influenced Dance Music
for Classical Piano
  Performed by Kaila Rochelle
       Granados Spanish Dance (Acoustic)
               Albeniz Tango (PianoTeq)  
                  Albeniz Malaguena (PianoTeq)

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